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Number '3' is here...

You will find new articles from Michael Keyes,  FAQs by Jason Harries, Exclusive Interview with Ivana Maksimovic, Aaron Heading (GB), Mira Suhonen (FIN),  and more...

Insight Review Shooting Magazine

This magazine is a product of the wish to bring to our community something interesting and useful. We would never be able to arrive to this point without the assistant of many among the manufactures, trainers and athletes that you will find presented while reading those pages.

Making it in English was based on the concept that each country has its own local publication with their own language and writing but our force & existence is by mean of one big family no matter of nation, language or location.

With your help we will be able to spread the recognition among the others about the sport we so much love. It is with this action that we will be able to reduce the negative and so much wrong opinions that part of the people around us think about our sport.

Hope you will find it interesting and useful as we pretend to present.